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Local Toys and Games

The Entertainer

1086, Westfield, Ariel Way, White City, London W12 7SL, UK – 0844 800 5147

Wow has this place has a makeover or what ?! Almost totally unrecognisable from this tine last year when l last reviewed it. It's not bigger just brighter, better organised, easier to manuouvre in, more interactive, more inclusive of all family members ( parents get bored too !! ) a much more enjoyable experience all round. They have 'Entertainers' in there demonstrating slime, making balloon models and welcoming you into store. Its West Londons abswer to Hamleys. With all the current sales promotions and competitions l can't see how John Lewis can compete. Well done marketing. Particularly impressive was the member of staff helping out a shy child at the 'Selfie Mirror'. She was patient, kind and encouraging. This is also a great place to spend pocket money or buy gifts on a budget with gift wrap on hand by the counter. This Nana was seriously ' entertained' by watching everyone else get excited about slime !!!!

Great selection for toys

Village Games

Camden Lock, 65 The West Yd, Camden Town, London NW1 8AF, UK – 020 7485 0653

Lovely little toy store, with almost any board game you can think of from your childhood available inside!! They also have a lot of modern games, and the girl that works there is really helpful and attentive. She knows her games and will help you find just what you need, whether you know what you´re after or just go in for a little browse. Definitely worth a visit if you´re a game enthusiast about Camden!!

I live in Manchester and going London was a great opportunity to take pictures of the place as it is not very known. The store has some twisty puzzles, normal puzzles and table games that look amazing to the sight and I strongly recommend people who like to collect, play and solve these kind of puzzles (mostly Cubers) to go and visit this store because it has a large variety of these to offer. In my opinion the best puzzle store in England.

LEGO® Store

1081, Westfield London, Ariel Way, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 7GF, UK – 020 8749 1059

Always friendly staff. Always great new products. Fun to play guess the price on the big kits and also play which feels nice when putting your hands in the pots of certain bricks. Always worth a look. Love LEGO

Love the store. Staff is really friendly as always. My son loves to build stuff while is there and always gets a bit of help as he is still 4 but a bit too ambitious :)

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