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Choosing a school around Paddington. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Paddington Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for Paddington

Independent Schools for Paddington - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Best Paddington Secondary Schools -

Islamia Girls' Secondary School

129 Salusbury Rd, London NW6 6PE, UK – 020 7372 3472

Very good school, my daughter loved it and still missing her teachers, she wished they had sixth form as she would have loved to carry on! Classes are small, maximum 20 students per class, which is great for them! Most teachers care about the students and push them to do well and help them to their best. My daughter and most of her classmates do miss the school and how much they care for them, moving into sixth form is very hard and a lot of work, they also need a lot of support and that is not provided in most sixth forms, they are on their own. Therefore, I would highly recommend it.

An outstanding school

Sion Manning Secondary School

75 St Charles Square, London W10 6EL, UK – 020 8969 7111

Sion Manning was one of the most unique, character building, educational and most memorable experience that I have ever had. I personally had the best educational experience in Sion Manning. The passion, commitment and drive of the teachers cannot be compared to any other school. I often think to how I managed to excel in my academic studies and it always comes back to the time I spent in Sion Manning. The teachers are always finding new ways to help the students learn. They understand that each student has their own learning styles and techniques and they always try to be flexible in their teaching in order to help each and every individual. I believe that the years a student spends in secondary school often shapes who they become in the future as those are the most influential moments in ones life. Sion Manning is packed with positivity, strong friendships and incredible teaching, and i honestly do not think that your child will have this experience anywhere else. For this reason I could not recommend a better school for you to send your daughter to as it will surely shape them into beautiful bright young women with an extraordinary future ahead of them.

Teachers were extremely caring and always helped us to achieve our best. They genuinely care about their students and assist them with any difficulties even after their scheduled timetable. Left Sion Manning with amazing grades thanks to the motivation received from the teachers and hard work. It is a good school.

Halcyon London International School

33 Seymour Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 5AU, UK – 020 7258 1169

My daughter is thriving at Halcyon, excellent use of tech for education, but even more importantly, the teachers are superb as is the Director of the school. Halcyon "walks the talk"- committed to igniting the spark to learn from within each student - it sure has in mine! As the mum of a girl in her middle school years, I'm also appreciative of the social culture Halcyon promotes in a myriad of ways. This school's got it right, committed excellence in education and its core values while truly open to innovation.

Halcyon is a truly welcoming MYB-IB co-ed school in central London. Here our child 'learns and applies' (more than studying for tests!) and this is the essence of the IB education we chose for him. The fact that they are innovative and tech advanced is a natural consequence of their wish to engage with the kids of today!

Independent Schools

Arnold House School

1 Loudoun Rd, St John's Wood, London NW8 0LH, UK – 020 7266 4840

Arnold House School, London NW8 0LH, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Best school ever.

Ashbourne College

17 Old Ct Pl, Kensington, London W8 4PL, UK – 020 7937 3858

Ashbourne is an amazing place which not only provides a great education but also encourages expanding beyond your core syllabus. The teachers are very supportive and always willing to help, the only school which I never wanted to miss a day. Can't recommend enough!

Quite simply the most caring and nicest place I worked at during my forty years of employment in both the private and public sectors.

South Hampstead High School

3 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SS, UK – 020 7435 2899

Great school!

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for W9 3RS . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

Colville Primary School

Lonsdale Rd, London W11 2DF, UK – 020 7229 6540

All round good stimulating education with great activities.

As an American transplant I was so impressed by the vibe of this school: well-lit, lots of color and happy conversations among the students and kind tones from the teachers. I had the chance to meet both the head teacher and the deputy head, and it is clear that they have their child-focused priorities straight and that their leadership is a fundamental reason why this school is doing magnificent work.

Hallfield Primary School

School House, Porchester Gardens, London W2 6JJ, UK – 020 7087 4960

This school was terrible when I reached year 5. I just thought it was terrible and just plain bad. But when I was in year 6 It was nightmare. Not because of the teacher he's kind. But I just hated it. But now I'm in secondary I miss this school so much. I would love to be back in It. Amazing best students. :).

wow being in this was sooo dope kids where so nice teachers where sooooo nice 👍 the only sad thing is when you leave to go secendary OML some ppl get what they want and some don’t OML sometimes I would cry so much I’ll do anything to regret saying this I’d give £50k just to make me forget saying I hate this school I’m soooo sorry for saying dat I regret it sooo much I take it back cuz I cry every night for it and have nice dreams of it

Beckford Primary School

Dornfell Street, Camden, London NW6 1QL, UK – 020 7435 8646

I absolutely love it. I find the staff lovely, helpful and it has very good teachers that are a role model for the children. Well done!!!

Great school. Great teaching assistants.