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Covid-19: Gyms and all shops to open after England lockdown

England will return to a regional approach from 2 December but the tiers will be "tougher", the PM says.

Fans to be allowed at outdoor sports in England

Up to 4,000 fans will be allowed at outdoor events in the lowest-risk areas when the four-week national lockdown in England ends.

Covid-19: Oxford University vaccine is highly effective

The vaccine is cheaper than other options and easier to distribute around the world.

British Airways' big sell-off: Champagne flutes and trolleys

The airline is selling thousands of items, including memorabilia from its retired 747 aircraft.

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BBC news for London

Covid-19: Concern over what tier London will be placed in

London MPs question the announcement the whole city will be placed in one tier of Covid rules.

Tamara Ecclestone burglary: Man 'not involved in £25m raid'

Alexandru Stan denies being part of a conspiracy to burgle three homes in west London.

Narwhal tusk hero a year on from London Bridge attack

It's almost a year since Darryn Frost helped to stop a man who was on the rampage, stabbing people.

Hackney shooting: Woman in life-threatening condition

The 32-year-old woman was an "innocent bystander", the Metropolitan Police believes.